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Moving out is a difficult and time-consuming task. In addition to packing and moving, there’s cleaning to worry about as well. But now there are bond cleaning services to take this off your hands and give you time to focus on the move itself. Plus, with a professional bond cleaner Gold Coast doing it, you’re ensured to receive 100% of your bond money back after your lease has ended.

We are proud to offer a professional and thorough ‘end of lease’ or ‘bond-exit’ clean up, guaranteeing your property is left in mint condition. Our expert team ensures that your property is left spotless, ready for your final inspection.

With extensive experience in this field, we know how important it is to have your bond returned in full. Our goal is to make sure that happens, with little to no effort on your part. With our advanced cleaning techniques, unique technologies and expert management team, we provide you with a complete service, offering the best bond cleaner price.

As one of the leading bond cleaners on the Gold Coast, our professional bond cleaning team ensures the following spaces are immaculately cleaned and left in pristine condition:

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Kitchen Cleaning

Any expert in this field will tell you that effective kitchen cleaning takes place from the top down. It is therefore recommended that before we send our expert cleaners to your property, you remove all items for your cupboards and cabinets, including all glassware and dishes. Doing so will ensure that all your items are kept safely and our cleaners can deep clean with no problems.

Our professional cleaning team has extensive experience in this field and uses the necessary cleaners on your various surfaces. By using wood cleaners on wooden surfaces or tile cleaners on any glass or tile surfaces, you can rest assured that nothing will be damaged. 

Our cleaning team does the following:

  • A complete wipe down of the insides and outsides of all cupboards, cabinets and doors
  • Repair or remove any defective lining or torn or peeling interiors
  • Oven cleaning services and grill, removing all grease from trays, doors, racks and glass
  • Deep clean of all large appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators and microwaves, removing all food stains and grease residue
  • Clean all taps and sinks, also removing any oil or food residue from drains and pipes.
  • Thorough cleaning of your floors

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Bathroom Cleaning

Generally, bathrooms are the least favourite and sometimes toughest area to clean. This is mainly due to the fact that bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in your home and, therefore, require thorough cleaning and scrubbing from top to bottom. 

As one of the best bond cleaner Gold Coast service providers, we have trained our expert cleaning team to focus on those hard-to-reach spots that you just would not think to clean.

Additionally, our team focuses on the following:

  • All cupboards, shelves and drawers are cleaned out, removing all scratches and other marks
  • Thorough cleaning of all mirrors and windows, including window tracks, ensuring they are all sparkling clean and free of streaks
  • Deep cleaning of your shower, including all doors, screens, and grout
  • Cleaning of your shower curtain, ensuring no mildew is evident
  • Thorough cleaning of your toilet including the pipes, bowl and cistern
  • Extensive clean up of all taps and sinks, removing any residue or dirt
  • A full clean and mop of the bathroom floor, including corners where dirt usually builds up

Bedroom and Living Areas

Unlike the bathroom or kitchen where there are lots of items as well as lots of hard-to-reach corners, the living room and bedrooms are generally easier to clean. This is due to the fact that these rooms are generally slightly less cluttered with things and generally have wooden or carpeted floors.

Nonetheless, our team works tirelessly to ensure your bedrooms and living areas are left in pristine condition. Living rooms and bedroom cleaning includes:

  • Removing and cleaning all light fittings, which can also mean removing dead bugs and insects that have gotten stuck inside these fittings
  • Full wipe through of your ceilings and fans or air conditioners
  • Cleaning of walls with soap and water (non-abrasive)
  • Clean up of all windows, curtains and blinds
  • Cleaning all skirting boards
  • Sweeping and mopping of wooden floors
  • Steam cleaning of carpeted flooring

Starting at just $150

Give your home a spruce up with our spring clean package. 

Laundry Room Clean

Many homes tend to have a laundry room or a spare room that is used for storage or washing machines etc. If you are doing your laundry in this room, you have likely had detergent spills over time. In the warm Australian climate, humidity can also contribute to dust, lint and build up of other grime and similar materials.

Our professional cleaning team, who is one of the best bond cleaner Gold Coast providers, comes prepared with the necessary heavy-duty machinery needed to effectively remove these harsh stains and residues. Our services include:

  • Thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of all washing and drying machines, including behind and under the machines themselves (removing any dust)
  • Deep clean of all additional cupboards and draws, removing any scuff marks or scratches.
  • Rigorous scrubbing of the floors, to ensure all residue is removed effectively

Garage, Driveway, and Garden

Not all bond cleaner Gold Coast area professionals will offer this service. However, cleanup of these areas is quite important to ensure a full refund of your bond. When it comes to these outdoor areas it is imperative that any dead or rotting items are removed. Any personal items should be removed too.  Our outdoor cleaning services include:

  • Thorough clean up of all windows from the outside
  • Removal of all items from the garage, leaving behind only items belonging to the home
  • Ceiling, wall and shelf cleanup, removing all dust and spider webs
  • Sweep and pressure wash garage floors, the driveway and walkways to ensure any oil stains or other residue is removed
  • Mowing the lawn, trimming hedges and removing any weeds or hazardous plants
  • Wipe down and wash off all pots and plants that belong to the home

Starting at just $150

Give your home a spruce up with our spring clean package. 

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